What does Rick do?




I have visions and dreams for Highland and the skill and desire to make them happen through the team effort of the People, Businesses and the Township Government working together.  My leadership ability is the key to success.  I know how to work with groups and individuals to accomplish projects of any size and nature.


I build visions and dreams into reality!   Every project starts with a plan and is followed to completion.  The building process requires permits from the township to be secured for all stages of the each project.  The initial permit process involves the planning,zoning and building departments.  By the time a project is completed all aspects of the township government have been utilized. I have been personally involved with Highland Township government for more than 30 years and I know the internal processes and employees very well.


Enjoy the following videos of a few of the projects I have personally designed and built. When you have finished I believe you will understand what I can do for Highland Township.  I have a huge "tool box" of skills that I can be leverage for our community.


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