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Re-elect Rick Hamill for Supervisor

I am a retired local business owner and resident of Highland for 56 years with a degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University .  I feel strongly about the long-term future of our community and will use my 37 years of business experience to move Highland forward while maintaining it's "rural character".

I have chosen to run for a fourth four year term because I believe there is so much more that Highland can be. Keep its hometown character and open spaces but plan for those changes that are inevitable with any growth. It is possible but only through creative, imaginative out of the box thinking. I have spent an entire career practicing what I preach and making things happen. Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions. Browse through my website or contact me to learn more what drives me to work for you. 


Read theTestimonials to see what others feel about my performance, character and drive to do the right thing for Highland.

The Job of Supervisor has the broadest range of skill requirements of the three key elected positions in the township.  This is a serious position and we need a person with all of the assets and experience you see below and not just enough to run the "office".   As the current Township Supervisor and former owner of several businesses in Highland  I feel that my on the job experience in all of these categories stands well above any other candidate.

This is how I believe my experience in these skill sets should be used:


Personnel Management -  Assure that the township employees understand their role in a successful relationship with the private and business community.  This makes the community proud to do more than is required by ordinance. 


Facilities Management -   Know how to identify when potential problems will happen and how to save time and money by circumventing issues related to maintenance and repair.  The township has multiple properties that all need attention such as building maintenance,road repair, landscape and more.


Finance and Budgeting -   Understand the need to plan ahead for the expenses required to maintain facilities, labor and community property as well as police and fire protection.


Community Planning and Design-   Most of the issues that taxpayers face are from ordinances that are developed through community planning and design.  Having a strong background in this field is important to help guide the township into the future.  


Construction and Engineering -    If the previous executives would have had better knowledge of construction and engineering there may have been different decisions made about trying to put a sewer in Highland and the Downtown Development Authority would have been able to accomplish much more in the past 10 years. 


Contracts and Bidding -   Knowledge of how to read and implement contracts is important. Understanding the bidding process on projects can make or break the outcome.


Customer Relations -   Every taxpayer is a customer to the township and they should be treated as one.  Every business owner is also a customer to the township and deserves the same respect.  Highland Township needs to improve on its customer relations!


Marketing -   The supervisor should be the "super" salesperson for the community.  He should be out and about looking for ways to improve the financial and physical health of the township, looking for the right kind of business to fill the voids we have today and assuring that we maintain that rural character yet allow for future growth.



                           Hire a true professional for a position that needs one!

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