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As a business owner and a lifetime Highland resident, I can see both sides of Rick Hamill.  He is a staunch supporter of our local businesses, even though a lot of the business owners are not Highland voters.  Business makes up a good part of our tax base and we need to make our community inviting to business owners.
Rick has a love for this community and a passion for his job.  You can't be a person with vision without stepping on a few toes.  So many just want things to stay the same, never change.  This is an unrealistic thought process.  I believe Rick has the right idea and plan to keep our township the quaint community we want while keeping up with innovation and technology.
John and I will be voting for Rick, I hope you will too.
Linda Bonham
Advantage Tax & Financial Services
 Dear Rick Hamill, you don't have to prove a thing to me, I know you are the best and only man for the job. 100% behind you and all your improvements, keep Highland Growing sir

It has been an honor to serve the past four years with Rick on the Board of Trustees. He is a leader with a vision and has done so much already for Highland and I look forward to the next four years working together to keep the township moving forward.

Brian Howe YOUR Highland Trustee

Rick is the best thing to happen to this township in the last 30 years!!!!

Cleve King



I have known Rick Hamill for a number of years, before he was our township Supervisor, and would look forward to his presentations during Highland DDA meetings.  He led the Design Committee and had such visions for Highland!  ....his 'travelogs' were always fun, interesting, and thought-provoking, and his enthusiasm for what Highland could be was infectious.  Rick was very instrumental to me opening my business in Highland.  I often shared conversations with my customers, many commenting on the growth they have seen in Highland since Rick became Supervisor:  it was a general consensus that more has happened in Highland since he became Supervisor than has happened in the prior two decades!  Rick is always approachable, oftentimes seen out and about our streets....talking, listening, socializing, and even offering assistance with tools, labor, whatever is needed.  Since he has become Supervisor, his tenacity and unwavering dedication to Highland, as well as his ability to navigate through some pretty mucky waters just further demonstrates his ability to make things happen.  Let's keep this momentum going and make sure he continues as supervisor.  I can't wait to see what's next!

Karen Beardsley, owner

the artist's pallet, llc


Congrats man, keep on doing your fine work.

Neil Morris

Keep up the great work you do for our community!!! Love everything that has been happening the past few years:) couldn't be more proud of what Highland Township has and is becoming!!

Dana Shaw

Rick has done great things to help the future of Highland! Thank you Rick! You can always count on my vote!

Kevin Buechel

I support retaining Rick Hamill as our Supervisor.  I’ve watched for years his unwavering dedication and generosity to Highland.   Prior to running for office he lent his amazing knowledge and physical skills to the Township Library and will continue to provide that same standard of commitment to the entire Highland Community, as he has for the past 4 years.

Marion Reed

As a businessman, Rick is able to visualize and focus on the big picture needs of the community and its citizens while working around and sometimes thru the egos and political self interest of city hall. Highland is fortunate to have his leadership.

Ben Di Ponio

"I have worked with Rick for a number of years. I appreciate his enthusiasm for Highland and I love that he thinks outside the box".

Brenda Dunseth 

I think Rick Hamill is doing a fantastic job and has shown a real vision for Highland.  His enthusiasm and love for this community make him an excellent leader.

Tami Flowers

My Husband and I have lived in Highland for 27 years.  I love Highland and have been passionate about seeing it grow and prosper without ever sacrificing our uniqueness and rural character.  I have always felt that if you care about your community you need to get involved.   

I first met Rick Hamill around seven years ago while I was on the DDA Board.  I observed that Rick always attended all the meetings and was the first one to volunteer for DDA projects and special events.  No job was ever too big or difficult for him to handle.  Being a long time Highland resident and business owner, Rick has always wanted Highland to grow and succeed. 


As I got to know Rick, I observed that he exemplified my favorite saying – “It’s not about saying the right things, it’s about doing them.”  

Rick Hamill has done an amazing job as Supervisor the past four years.  It would take hours to begin to relate all the things he has done for Highland and individuals in our community.  I have never seen a Supervisor take such an active role and care about people the way Rick does.  When I see kids and adults walking down our new sidewalks or observe families having a wonderful time at the Highland Red, White and Blues festival, it’s obvious that many great things have happened in Highland the past four years. 


A vote for Rick Hamill is a vote for Highland’s future growth and prosperity.  Rick Hamill will continue to preserve and protect our unique community for our children and grandchildren.   Highland is truly a jewel and oasis in the midst of urban sprawl. 


Beth Lewis

Rick Hamill is a hands-on visionary. In his first term as Supervisor he has demonstrated an activist style of leadership which has benefited Highland Township.  Rick is more likely to be found out and about in the township than in his office. . . yet he is always available by phone. He is accessible to all and is willing to consider all points of view. He is pro-business while still being conscious of the preservation of the rural character of Highland. Rick has earned the respect of the residents and most certainly has earned the right to continue to lead Highland as Supervisor. We urge residents to vote for Rick Hamill for Supervisor on November 8.


Herb and Susan Happel

Craig and I moved to Highland 17 years ago.  It seemed like a quiet, rural town with a lot of potential.

In the last few years that potential has blossomed; in large part thanks to Rick Hamill.

Rick keeps the rural atmosphere in our community, but he also has a vision paired with a strategy to move and keep Highland in the 21st century.  Rick knows how to bring the community together, he truly has our best interests in mind always.

We want to keep the momentum going, so we’re voting for Rick Hamill for Township Supervisor!


Craig and Jill Matthews

When we look back on the factors that led to us purchasing property and starting Sniffer Station in Highland Township, Rick Hamill was clearly a key factor.  We had been looking at property in other communities, all with compelling characteristics so important to any new business.  But Rick’s vision for Highland, his commitment to a healthy business community, and his support of our vision for Sniffer Station were so much more important than easily measured factors like population and income density.  Rick Hamill is a rare leader and a true asset to Highland Township. – Bill & Jeanne DeHaan

My wife Dolores and I have seen many positive results in Highland since Rick Hamill was elected as the Township Supervisor.  He is very visible in our Community, interacting with both residents and businesses.  He listens carefully and works to provide solutions to everyone’s concerns.   

I ran for the position of Township Trustee, and now, hope to bring additional energy to support Rick and the entire Board to stay focused on the vision to keep Highland a great place to work and to live. 

We support Rick and urge you to support him as well.   

Joe And Dolores Salvia

Prior to Rick becoming Township Supervisor I knew him as an intelligent businessman. He now has proven himself an effective community leader; advocating for this Community, its employees and its governmental bodies.  He has embraced technology & innovation, used his common sense & problem solving skills, while always cognizant of the budget constraints and transparency standards he must operate within.

As an employer Rick is straight forward with instruction and fair in administering discipline. I am honored and blessed to have the  privilege to work with Rick Hamill and look forward to another 4 years of serving our Community together."


Heidi Bey 

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